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Profile of Scott Snider

I have been fortunate to call the North Shore my home ever since childhood. Born and raised here, attending school in West Vancouver where my own children now attend classes. I remained close to home, graduating from UBC and then returned to start my family first in North Vancouver and now West Vancouver. I currently call Caulfield home, a neighbourhood that has proven to be the perfect community for my family and I. With two sons of my own, I am often at the arena watching one of them play hockey or spending hours on the course with them at Capilano Golf and Country Club where I sit on the Board of Directors. I am grateful every day to wake up in such a remarkable city and call it my home.

Prior to my career as a Mortgage Broker with Team Rob Regan-Pollock at Invis, I had been a professional Mediator, helping to resolve challenging conflicts between individuals as well as corporations to the satisfaction of both parties. The negotiation and interpersonal skills developed within that field have served me well in many aspects of my life and continue to provide great benefit when it comes to negotiating the most beneficial mortgage rates for my clients. I am excited to be part of Canada’s top 1% of mortgage brokers – an accomplishment that helps me to bring the best possible mortgage solutions to homeowners needing new or renegotiated rates.

My goal is to make the process as easy and painless as possible, taking the stress out of the financial decision making for your home. Best of all, it is at no cost to you as I am paid by the lenders (OAC).

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to putting my negotiating skills to work for you.

What Client Say About Me

Scott outlined a range of flexible options for our mortgage that our bank could not (or would not) provide. He took the pain out of the process of renewing our mortgage.

Scott spent the time to outline a variety of mortgage options available to us and the benefits of each one. He made our mortgage dollars work harder (and faster) for us.

George & Sandy
I would more than recommend Scott to l my friends and family Scott creates a trusting and confidential environment that enables you to think clearly and calmly before renewing or applying for a mortgage .

If you have ever had an unpleasant experience when applying for a mortgage , then I highly recommend you call Scott the next time. His experience in negotiating and his people skills put him in a category of his own.

Trusting confident capable personable and successful That pretty much sums up my experiences with Scott.

Sarah Cooper

Scott Snider

Mortgage Specialist


A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from the University of British Columbia.
West Vancouver, British Columbia
E scottsnider@shaw.ca
T (604) 612-2228


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